Membership Benefits

Racing and is a first in the collector car marketplace: an integrated community, marketing and e-commerce (buy-sell-auction-“in search of”) platform, supporting 10,000+ merchants that sell $50 Billion in products and services annually to 10 million collector car owners and millions more that love racing and cars, within the global collector car market.

Community membership is free for individual collector car owners and racing and car fans. Our objective is to support three ideals within our vertically focused, passion driven community:

  • Help connect our members with others that share their granular automotive, collector car, motorsports and racing interests.
  • Save our members time and money as they purchase apparel, parts, cars, products and services within our collector car marketplace.
  • Provide our members with the latest news and information about the passion we share, including job opportunities within the Automotive and Motorsports industries.