Post and Attend Events - Racing and Cars
Racing and Cars and its members list Events for every type of Event (professional race events, road rally’s, car show events, swap meets, historic/vintage race events, etc.) in our EVENTS section.

You must be an approved member of our community to post an Event in our EVENTS section. There is no charge to post an Event.

When you go to our EVENTS section, please select the “+ADD EVENT” orange button on the right side of the page. Completion of the Event form is self-explanatory. Please enter the Event name, time, sanctioning body (organizer), start/stop time and location. Enter Car Club or Organization affiliation and contact information. Pictures and maps help, in addition to a schedule of activities. When you have finished creating the Event, press POST.

When you have posted the Event, you can use our tools to invite people to join the EVENTS and/or use the URL of the posted Event to invite people from your mailing list to attend the Event. The Event shows the identity of everyone that registers for the Event so that you can send updates/messages about special attractions during the Event.

Please watch the video that explains how to use the Search Tool embedded in our EVENTS section.

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