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1964 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

Location: Dallas Texas, United States


Condition: Excellent


Interior: Rosso hide

Price: $1,800,000.00

Seller’s Description:

1964 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso
Chassis number 5397
Engine number 5397
Gearbox number 253
Axle Number 257

Delivered new in Italy March 1964 in its original colour combination of Blue Scuro 18942with Rosso VM3171 hide interior. Exported to North America early in its life 5397 was known to have re -entered the EU in the mid 70’s and since then had several high profile owners such as Martin Emmison Nick Lancaster (Ferrari Franchise holder) Anthony Moody Peter Rae a prolific Ferrari collector and Richard Lee who at the time was CEO of the Hong Kong Ferrari Importer who kept and used the car in the UK.In 20015397 was back in the USA and received a comprehensive restoration and was sold in 2003 to James Chen who made the famous YouTube video “early morning drive”.

Mr. Chen also showed the car at the 2009 Camel “Concorso Italiano” prior to selling it in early 2014.The restoration in 2001 resulted in a car that cannot be faulted so much so Gary Bobileff who has several Pebble Beach/Quail/Monterey awards to his name has put this in writing when he recently did an appraisal on the car. In July 2014, 5397 was approved for Ferrari Classiche authentication which combined with further refreshment and extensive detailing on a 13-year-old restoration has resulted in a stunning looking car ready to be enjoyed for many more thousands of miles.

So much so in fact it is currently on display at the Ferrari Factory Museum in Maranello although it was last registered in California. The odometer reads what is believed to be a genuine 51774 kilometers and the car is supplied complete with Classiche ‘red book’ and comprehensive documentation folder.

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Location: Dallas, Texas, United States

Seller Name: Shawnee Broadhead

Seller Phone: 9728549109

Seller Email: shawnee@racingandcars.com

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