Create a Merchant Group - Racing and Cars

We recommend that our Merchant Partners create a Group in our “GROUPS” section, whether or not they have advertised in our Merchant Directory. Merchant Partners include: Race Tracks, Car Clubs, Automotive/Motorsport companies and/or related Merchants.

Creation of a Merchant Group enables you to better communicate with your customers and notify them of “Special Offers”, “Promotions” and “Events”. Additionally, your customer’s interactions within the Group will help you to gain new product/service insights from their “conversations” within their Group.Groups help your best customers invite their friends to become aware of your products and services. Merchants with online communities achieve 41% greater average customer profit margin, (source: ABERDEEN Research).

We charge Merchants $10.00 a month (or $100.00 paid annually) to create and maintain a Group within our GROUPS section. The “Creator/Admin” of the Group, has the ability to monitor and edit content within the Group. They can make the Group “By Invitation Only” or act as “Admin” for the Group and approve or deny Group membership upon application to join the Group. Click here to create a Group.

Racing and is a first in the collector car marketplace: an integrated community, marketing and e-commerce (buy-sell-auction-“in search of”) platform, supporting 10,000+ merchant’s that sell $50 Billion in products and services annually to 10 million collector car owners and millions more that love racing and cars, within the global collector car market.

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