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Introduction: Racing and Cars is a unique platform that connects our community members to our Merchant Partners when they are interested in buying products and/or services to support their collector car passion.

According to the ABERDEEN Group, companies that use online communities as one of the tools to communicate with their customers experience the following improvements in financial performance.

Company Performance Companies with Online Communities All Others
Overall Sales Team attainment of annual quote 72% 63%
Return on Marketing investment 58% 33%
Average profit margin per customer 31% 22%

Source: Aberdeen Group, April 2018

Racing and Cars Community Member Demographics: The average age of our community members is 50. They own 5-8 cars, 2-3 of which are daily drivers. They have a $2+ million net worth and spend $50,000 – $100,000+ on their collector car passion annually.

Unique Advertising Opportunity within our Merchant Directory: Our Merchant Directory lists over 10,000 companies by Category and Sub-Category. This unique and extensive collector car community advertising directory saves our members time and money as they seek the resources they need, when they need them. Merchants select their advertising position in the Merchant Directory on a first come, first serve basis, in the Categories and Sub-Categories that are designed to help them reach their target audience. As a Merchant Partner, we encourage you to select a Premium advertising position to better position your Brand and your Marketing message.

There are 16 primary advertising positions in our Merchant Directory, organized by Category and Sub-Category listings. Call (214-676-4333) or email Shawnee Broadhead, Vice President of Digital Strategy to discuss your Marketing and Advertising objectives.

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Racing and is a first in the collector car marketplace: an integrated community, marketing and e-commerce (buy-sell-auction-“in search of”) platform, supporting 10,000+ merchant’s that sell $50 Billion in products and services annually to 10 million collector car owners and millions more that love racing and cars, within the global collector car market.

In addition to becoming a Merchant Partner, Merchants build Groups in the Racing and Cars GROUPS section to learn more about their customers and improve their ability to communicate with them.

We encourage our Merchant Directory advertising partners to create a Group in our GROUPS section as part of their overall marketing strategy within racing and We charge $100 annually or $10 a month to create a Merchant Group in our community. Our Creative Department will help you create a GROUPS presence that reflects your marketing message and intent. Please contact Shawnee Broadhead, Vice President Digital Strategy at to discuss your product and/or service sales objectives within our community.

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